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The Importance of Employees Receiving Performance Reviews From Their Managers

Performance reviews are very important for both the company and employees to establish a good work environment. Reviews help the employees to explain themselves better concerning the nature of the job and their expectations. Every company should consider having performance reviews often to improve the workflow. This article contains the benefits of employees receiving performance reviews and how it can enhance the company’s mission and growth.

What is a performance review?

Performance review is when an employee is evaluated according to his knowledge and skills towards their work. According to Alexander Djerassi, the company can give out permanence reviews to show gratitude and achievements accomplished by the employee. Some of the examples of performance reviews include self-appraisal, employee-initiated reviews, traditional performance appraisal, upward appraisal, and negotiated appraisal.

Importance of performance appraisals

A company can benefit in many ways when giving employees reviews. Below are some of the advantages that managers should implement.

Helps in career growth

The review is very important to employees since it boosts their morale in work leading to high performance. Such will help them to focus on their career and goals hence advancing.

It improves work performance

When the manager gives the employees good reviews, it motivates them to do better. The positive feedback encourages them to keep on doing good work since it is appreciated.

Helps in training employees

When a performance review is conducted, the manager gets to know which employee is good and who needs more training. The aim is to ensure every employee gets to perfect in their work which contributes positively to the company.


It promotes discussions

When managers conduct performance reviews, it gives them a chance to communicate with the employees. It is through such discussions and meetings that the manager can imply the changes and the overall performance of each employee.

Allows room for improvements

Performance review is very important when it comes to working improvement. When employees get to conduct the reviews often, it allows them to identify the mistakes and things they are doing wrong hence improving. Such helps them get better with time, benefiting both the company and their skills.

It improves focus in work

Alexander Djerassi stated that When employees work for a company for too long, it can make them forget the goal. In order for them to be motivated, managers should always conduct performance reviews which will remind the employees that their work is appreciated. Through the reviews, employees will start focusing on their work, which leads to the company’s vision.

It creates team bonds

When managers conduct performance reviews more often, it creates room for bonding with employees. The frequent meetings and discussions about the company’s issues become a way in which employees interact and build a friendship with the superiors, strengthening their bonds.

It is essential for managers and companies, in general, always to consider conducting performance reviews for their employees. Such will motivate them and also help the company to achieve its goals and visions.


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