Jewish MP demands apology from Canada’s prime minister — Analysis

Trudeau’s remarks about the Freedom Convoy protesters prompted an MP to accuse the prime minister of ‘driving division’

A Canadian MP who is Jewish has demanded a full apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after he apparently suggested she supports “Wave swastikas by people.”

Commenting on the ongoing Freedom Convoy protests, Trudeau said in parliament on Wednesday that while Conservative party members were standing “People who wave swastikas” he and his supporters prefer to stay with Canadians “People who are able and willing to do their job, so they can get back their lives..”

Melissa Lantsman (the first Jewish female elected Conservative MP in Canada) was furious at his comments. Melissa Lantsman is also a descendant of Holocaust survivors. “I think he owes me an apology, I’d like an apology and I think he owes an apology to all members of this House,” she said in response.

The Prime Minister ought to reexamine his personal history, before accusing a Jewish member of Parliament of falsely accusing him of supporting a Swastika.,” Lantsman later wroteOn Twitter

In an interview with Fox News, she claimed that the prime minister’s behavior was not surprising to her as it was just a demonstration of his “true colors.

He divides and stigmatizes Canadians each day, and I watch as he does it. The rest of Canada today saw the G7 Prime Minister pursue a Jewish member to parliament, and then leave without an apology.,” Lantsman said.

The MP added that “Words matter” because after something like this “An influx of people call you Nazi.” She also accused Trudeau of “driving a division in this country since before the protests started … for his political gain.

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Lantsman called on the PM to lift the “The draconian” restrictions and vaccine mandates, which he introduced amid high vaccination rates in Canada.

Trudeau’s ‘swastika’ remarks also angered many of Lantsman’s colleagues. “Conservative Caucus members are related to those who lost their loved ones in the Holocaust. Trudeau did not apologize to me three times. Shame on Trudeau,” Conservative MP Dane Lloyd wroteOn Twitter

The Freedom Convoy protests were originally aimed at getting Trudeau’s government to lift the vaccine mandate for US border-crossing truckers. The demonstrators expanded their demonstrations to protest Covid restrictions.

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