Jewish journalist investigated for Holocaust tweet — Analysis

A journalist and historian has been summoned for questioning in Poland after tweeting that Nazis didn’t want to exterminate Poles during World War II. Under the Nazi crime denial law, the probe was opened.

Katarzyna Markusz is a journalist for Jewish Telegraph Agency. She also runs’s news and culture website. Next week, she will be appearing at the Institute of National Remembrance, a Polish state-research body that examines the crimes against Poland committed between 1917-1990.

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Polish media cited the notice as saying that the IPN opened the investigation in accordance with a law banning the public denials of Nazi Germany’s crimes during World War II. Markusz may face three years imprisonment if he is found guilty.

Markusz posted the following message in a deleted tweet from June: “There have never been mass extermination camps for Poles. During wartime, they were able to walk, work, and live on the streets. Nobody killed them for being Polish.”

According to the website, the complaint against Markusz was filed by a blogger, who founded the entity called ‘Center for Prevention of Anti-Polonism’. reported that Markusz is currently being investigated and has yet to be charged. IPN has not commented on this matter.

Markusz had previously been investigated for a tweet she sent in which it stated that “Polish participation in the Holocaust is a historical fact.”These were the charges she was facing “insulted the Polish nation”They were dropped on February 2. 

Markusz responded to the second probe by insisting that she was still stating “a historical fact.”

“We are again wasting time and taxpayers’ money on an obviously political investigation,”She spoke to Tok FM radio. “History can’t be changed by the orders from prosecutors or politicians.”



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