Japan’s princess Mako gives up royal status to marry commoner following 4 scandal-filled years of engagement which gave her PTSD — RT World News

Japan’s Princess Mako married her boyfriend Komuro, a commoner. She has since left the Imperial family. This is the first time that an emperor’s niece declined a traditional marriage and received a tax-funded goodbye payment.

After four years of marriage marked by controversy and public protests, Mako was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The ceremony took place on Tuesday. The princess is the oldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito. She also happens to be a sister of Hisahito. She did however not shy away from mentioning the difficulties she’s faced in the past few years.

“I was terrified to see untrue tales spreading. It brought me pain, and it made me sad. “I am thankful to all those who believed in Kei through difficult circumstances.”She said.

NHK reported that Mako, Mako’s physician advised the couple not to attend a live conference. The Imperial Household Agency had earlier this year announced that Princess Grace was suffering from PTSD. Reporters had to provide all questions in advance to the Imperial Household Agency in order for them to allow the couple to answer them in writing.

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The “Stories” the princess was referring to were related to the public financial dispute between Komuro’s mother and her former fiancée, who reportedly had loaned her four million yen (just over $35,000) to cover Komuro’s university fees. The public disapproval led to the postponement of their wedding by a number years. Due to the financial scandal, and because of it being impossible to reach a settlement financially, the couple had their wedding in a government building without the traditional ceremony. A parting gift usually given to commoners, $1.3 million from taxpayers was declined by the princess.

Japanese law states that female royals lose their status if they mar a commoner. Mako isn’t the first woman who has left the royal family after she married. Mako’s aunt Sayako was formerly Princess Nori and the only child of Japan’s Emperor Akihito. In 2005, she renounced her imperial title for Yoshiki Kuroda.

A few dozen people marched in protest against the Tokyo wedding on Tuesday.

Mako and her husband plan to move to New York, where Komuro just started work. To do this, Mako must obtain her first passport and an American visa.

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