Japan & US agree emergency military plan for Taiwan – media — Analysis

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and the US military have drafted a plan to establish an attack base on the Nansei Islands in the event of a Taiwan emergency, according to Tokyo officials cited by the country’s Kyodo news agency.

Japan and America are believed to have created the proposal as part of their efforts to increase military cooperation to combat rising tensions in the Indo Pacific region.

According to Thursday’s report, the plan would have the two countries set up military operations in Japan on the islands north of Taiwan should there be conflict between China and Japan.

This plan, which if adopted, would allow US Marines to be stationed on Nansei Islands in a temporary attack position, while the SDF would provide support through additional troops, should there be a potential military threat towards Taiwan.

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Any action by Japan or the US to bolster military support for Taiwan is likely to result in significant opposition from China, which considers the island part of its nation and has pledged to retain control of it – by force if necessary.

According to reports, Tokyo and Washington, DC will finalize their operational plans at a January meeting of defense and foreign officials. The proposal has been dubbed the ‘two-plus-two’ framework, Kyodo cited Japanese government sources as saying.

While the plan has been discussed, according to Kyodo’s report, Japanese officials would have to introduce new legislation to allow troops to be stationed on the island due to the risk their presence would pose to local residents.

Sources told Kyodo that Japan could mobilize military force if it believes Taiwan-China conflict is likely to endanger peace and security in the region. If necessary, the US is open to supporting Taiwan in its fight against Chinese invasion.

Nansei Islands are made up of approximately 200 isles. Some uninhabited. 

Three of the isles – Amami-Oshima, Ishigaki and Miyako – are reportedly being considered as homes for missile units, but their presence near the disputed Senkaku Islands could spark further anger from China about increased militarization in the region.

US troops are already stationed in Okinawa, where America has military installations established with the Japan government’s consent, despite local opposition.

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