Italian PM candidate attacked over rape video — Analysis

Giorgia, an Italian far-right politician who is seeking to be the next prime minister of Italy, was embroiled in controversy after she posted a YouTube video showing a Ukrainian woman being sexually assaulted by another migrant from Africa.

Local authorities claim that the victim, 55 years old, was assaulted by a Guinean asylum seeker on Sunday in Piacenza. Someone recorded the incident from an apartment that overlooked the scene. Police arrested the suspect and he remains in police custody.

Meloni, whose Brothers of Italy party is leading the polls ahead of September’s national election, posted the disturbing video on Twitter. Since then, the social media platform removed the video because it was against its guidelines.

This atrocious act of sexual violence is unacceptable.” Meloni wrote in her post. “Give her a big hug. This woman deserves a big hug..”

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But, Meloni was the target of a lot of public criticism, even from political enemies. “Images of rape are not acceptable. It is even more offensive to use images of rape for political purposes.,” Enrico Letta, the head of the Italian Democratic party, wrote.

Igiaba Skego, an Italian Somalian writer, attacked Meloni for using the rape victim to her advantage. “Instead of being protected, they are promoted as clickbait sexuality. This is a horrendous electoral campaign,” she said.

After the July collapse of Mario Draghi’s government, Italy will hold its September 25 election. Giorgia, who is the most eurosceptic among the candidates appears to be leading this race. The PM candidate also expects a significant boost from her coalition partners – the right-wing League party and Silvio Berlusconi’s center-right Forza Italia party.

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