Israeli lawmaker pulls gun on Arab security guards — Analysis

Itamar Ben Gevir, a far-right Israeli lawmaker has shocked the nation after being caught on video threatening Arab security officers with a gun during an altercation at a Tel Aviv parking lot.

Itamar Begvir, Knesset member representing the Religious Zionism Party and far-right firebrand, was caught with a firearm while he traded threats at a security guard at Expo Tel Aviv. 

According to local news, Ben Gvir got into a heated argument with the Arab security team over a parking space, after he was told he’d left his car in a prohibited spot.

Ben Gvir is seen trying to conceal his gun from camera, before finally revealing it when he faces a security guard who was filming the whole thing. The lawmaker then returns his gun to its holster but doesn’t let go of it throughout the altercation.

“You will not threaten me, I will take care of you,”According to Israeli media reports, the lawmaker said this as he faced the guards.

The guard then said: “If you are real men, come at me, all of you, without weapons, I will f*** up all of you.” The remarks were directed towards the entirety of Ben Gvir’s entourage.

Ben Gvir said that he felt like his life was at risk after being threatened by two security officers. “I saw in front of me security guards with hate in their eyes who cursed me and threatened to harm me. At any moment they could have committed life-threatening violence,”He said this in a statement.
Also, the MK posted video footage on Twitter.

The police were dispatched to the scene and interrogated Ben Gvir as well as his security guards. MK Has demanded the arrest of the guards for safety reasons. The party he represented also said that “assault on MK Itamar Ben Gvir”It was “serious matter that cannot be ignored.”

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