Israel shuts borders, deploys anti-terror tracing tech over Omicron strain — Analysis

Israel banned all foreigners from entering its country. Intelligence services were tasked with tracking and finding any recent Omicron coronavirus-related arrivals.

After an urgent meeting of the Corona Cabinet, new rules that prohibit foreign nationals entering Israel for longer than 14 days have been approved. They will be in effect Sunday. 

Israel kicks off ‘Covid war games’

“The Government of Israel is working quickly and vigorously thanks to the conclusions that were formulated following the ‘Omega’ national drill which gamed various situations regarding the appearance of new variants,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett noted, referring to a national drill conducted just two weeks ago to assess Israel’s preparedness for an outbreak of a potential unknown new strain of Covid-19.

All Israeli citizens returning from abroad – even those fully-vaccinated with two doses and a booster – will be forced to quarantine for at least three days, while those coming from “red”Until they are positive for the virus two times, all states must stay at designated military hotels.

People who have visited African states in the recent week were asked for a blood test. Then, they were isolated and monitored by Shin Bet. Shin Bet’s cell phone tracking capability was used to monitor compliance. This controversial program, known as contact-tracing, was used for the first time in the 2020 outbreak of Covid-19. However it has been discontinued. “no longer justifiable”The High Court of Justice.

Big Pharma unveils its plans for Omicron strain

After Israel found one confirmed case and seven possible cases of B.1.1.529 (the new variant), earlier in the month in Botswana, these harsh measures were taken. On Friday, the World Health Organization officially identified the strain as a new strain. “variant of concern,”It is sometimes called Omicron.

Global travel bans were triggered by growing concerns about the Omicron variant. This led to flights being blocked from South Africa, and other countries that border it. Experts around the world have warned of the dangers of the Omicron variant. Although very little information has been found, they are concerned about its potential to transmit infection. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control identified the strain as having a high risk of infection. “high to very high”Risk, plus that there was “considerable uncertainty related to the transmissibility, vaccine effectiveness, risk for reinfections and other properties of the Omicron variant.”



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