Israel issues stark warning to Christians over radical Islam — RT World News

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Prime Minster has accused Iran that it wants to eliminate Tel Aviv. He also claimed Iran seeks world dominance through “radical militant Islam”. After Iran had once more threatened to devastate Israel, the warning was issued.

Pre-recorded messages were delivered to the Government Press Organization at the annual Christian Media Summit. The PM noted that “We are here in Israel fighting an extremely visible enemy, radical militant Islam which is taking over the Middle East.”

Tehran is the place where terror begins. It seeks destruction of Israel, dominance over the world and to drive it into an unimaginable abyss.

According to the Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Aerospace Force BrigadierGeneral Amir Ali Hajizadeh), these remarks by the premier coincide with his threats. He stated that Israel’s dealings with Tehran would only speed up Iran’s extermination of the Jewish State if it makes mistakes.

Bennett noted that there were positive changes in relations between Tel Aviv and the rest of the region. He also claimed that Israel was becoming more stable. “Facing a new dawn”The Abraham Accords were signed last year, and Israel established ties to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Israel was able to normalize its relations with both nations through the agreement.

Israel holds first navy drills with ‘frenemies’ from Persian Gulf

The first ever joint exercise of its kind, Israel’s navy participated publicly in exercises with Bahrain and the UAE. While the drills weren’t explicitly announced anywhere, Tel Aviv’s media suggested that they were meant to warn Iran.

In recent months tensions have reached dangerously high levels between Tehran and Tel Aviv, as Tel Aviv has expressed grievances about Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel’s Foreign Minister declared October that Israel was a sovereign nation. “reserves all rights to act at any time and in any manner”He insisted that the Islamic Republic must not obtain an atomic weapon.

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