Israel agrees to Gaza truce – media — Analysis

Accepting the deal by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad will bring an end to Friday’s fighting.

Reuters reports that Israel reached an agreement with Egypt on Sunday regarding a truce for Gaza brokered by Egyptians. The deal is not yet accepted by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). As the news spread, the group fired rockets at Israel.

Egypt is a country that has “made contacts with everyone”Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stated that Egypt was trying to end the rapidly-escalating conflict with Israel and the PIJ. This statement came as a Cairo-based intelligence delegation arrived in Israel.

Reuters was told by Egyptian sources that the delegation proposed a ceasefire for the Israeli side, to be implemented later in the night. If the report is true, the PIJ’s leadership must now decide whether to accept the truce.

AFP received confirmation from a source that the militant group is involved in ceasefire discussions.

The PIJ stepped up its rocket attacks on Israel early Sunday afternoon, with air raid sirens sounding in Ashkelon and other settlements near the Jewish state’s border with Gaza, and some projectiles threatening the city of Beersheba. Iron Dome, a missile defense system designed to intercept rockets and destroy them in the Iron Dome. The Iron Dome was deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It claimed it stopped 97% of approximately 500 rockets which made their way out of Gaza during two days.

Israel targeted the PIJ, it stated “rocket launch posts”In Gaza, they posted video footage showing airstrikes against these positions.

Israel’s military mission, Operation Breaking Dawn, began on Friday with an airstrike on the home of senior PIJ commander Taysir al-Jabari. Other strikes targeted the group’s observation posts, warehouses, and launch sites, while another senior PIJ commander was killed by an Israeli airstrike on Saturday night, the IDF stated on Sunday.

Israel describes its strikes as “targeted,” and said that Operation Breaking Dawn was launched amid the imminent threat of attack from the PIJ following the arrest of the group’s leader on Monday. However, Palestinian officials say that 31 people have been killed in Gaza – among them six children – while 265 Gazans have been wounded.

Israel blames Gaza rocket misfire for child deaths

Israel denies responsibility for at most nine deaths. The IDF blamed the incident on a Palestinian rocket which crashed shortly after launch.

It’s unclear whether the PIJ is willing to accept the Egyptian-brokered truce with several of its most senior leaders dead or captured. The group’s spokesperson claimed that militants used “only a small part”He spoke out about their potential and called upon the West Bank Palestinians for support in their offensive. Hamas is the largest militant Palestinian group and has so far avoided the fighting.

Elazar Stern, Israeli Intelligence Minister, stated to Army Radio before the news broke that Israel had reached a potential truce. “made very significant achievements in the operation,”And that the IDF would “continue to respond”Rocket attacks. Stern however stated that “if [the PIJ] requests a deal… we aren’t seeking war.”



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