Ireland cracks down on refugee admissions amid Ukrainian influx — Analysis

This decision will stop visa-free entry for migrants from European countries.

Ireland will stop visa-free travel to 20 European countries for immigrants who are deemed eligible “safe.”It comes at a time when the state is trying to host a flood of Ukrainian refugees. However, it insists that they have no plans to do so.

Monday’s announcement by the Irish government was that they would be withdrawing their membership from the Council of Europe Agreement on the Abolition of Visas for Refugees. The document allows refugees who have already sought protection in 20 European nations – including Belgium, Germany, Hungary, and Poland – to enter any other country on the list for up to three months without a visa.

Helen McEntee (Irish Justice Minister) stated that the agreement was “being exploited,”And that’s just a few refugees “enter the state and subsequently claim international protection, despite having already been granted such protection by another European state.”

EU state runs out of space for refugees

After having received more than 40,000. Ukrainians in February, Micheal Mart, Ireland’s Prime Minister said Ireland was out of room for them. Martin said that 70% of the occupants of one repurposed hotel in Dublin – converted to house some 2,300 of these arrivals – were not Ukrainian, but asylum seekers from other countries. 

Simon Coveney, Irish Foreign Minister said Monday that the suspension of visa-free travel to other countries would make it harder for asylum seekers to take advantage of the system. “assist in the protection of Ukrainians.”

Even though there is not enough space for them, they will still take in Ukrainians. “We don’t have any plans to limit numbers,”Last week, Leo Varadkar was cited as the Deputy Prime Minister. Varadkar stated last week that Ireland might see 100,000 immigrants from Ukraine or elsewhere this year. “we’re going to have to pull out all of the stops to try and provide additional accommodation and do everything we can.”

On Tuesday, the first 150 refugee were transferred to a tent town at Gormanston army camp, just outside Dublin. Varadkar, speaking to journalists last Friday, said more of these facilities would open in the weeks and months ahead. 

EU warned of new ‘waves of migration’

“Gormanston isn’t the only army camp, there will be other camps we have planned,”Varadkar spoke. “Bear in mind while we’re struggling with 40,000 people who have come from Ukraine, Poland has two million … we’re really taking our fair share and maybe not really quite that.”

A recent survey found that 84% of Irish think this, according to an international poll. “there is a limit”Concerned about the amount of refugees Ireland is able to handle. 60% were concerned. “too many asylum seekers and refugees might come to Ireland.”

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