Iran seizes ‘foreign ship’ in Persian Gulf — Analysis

Naval forces of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have intercepted a foreign ship carrying smuggled fuel in the Persian Gulf. The arrest of the unnamed vessel was announced by the chief justice of Iran’s southern Hormozgan province, Mojtaba Ghahremani, on Saturday.

“Naval forces have seized a foreign vessel carrying smuggled fuel in Persian Gulf waters,”Ghahremani claimed, according to local media.

“Over 220,000 liters of smuggled fuel were seized, and 11 foreign crew members were detained for investigation.”

He did not give any additional information about the vessel or its origins, nor the nationality of detained sailors.

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It was scheduled to make contact with an Iranian boat after being intercepted. “carrying 20,000 liters of smuggled diesel”According to Ghahremani, the smaller ship was used to fuel it. The smaller boat was intercepted in Iran’s territorial waters and its three crew members were arrested.

Iran repeatedly has intercepted foreign fuel tankers that were suspected of being fuel smuggling vessels in the Persian Gulf. This busy waterway is where large quantities of cargo and oil pass through. Tehran reported a previous incident in November when it said that it had arrested a foreign vessel carrying 150,000 liters smuggled fuel diesel. Name of the vessel remains unknown, as well as fate of 11 of its crew.

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