Iran puts nuclear talks on hold again — Analysis

Iran’s chief negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, has announced that ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna will be paused for a “few days” after meeting with the EU’s political director to “take stock” of negotiations.

Bagheri Kani posted a tweet on Friday acknowledging that “good progress”Indirect talks between Iran, the US and Iran on reviving 2015’s nuclear deal have been held for the seventh time.

Following a discussion between Bagheri Kani (political director of European Union) and Enrique Mora (political director), the pause was caused by how they discussed. “to take stock of the situation”Move “forward.”

With a view towards resuming negotiations, the Joint Commission that is conducting these negotiations will meet today. Today’s meeting is expected to just be used to formally adjourn discussions to a later date.

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Bagherikani did not give any specific dates for the negotiations. Reuters cited three diplomats as saying that talks will resume December 27, while another said they might restart between Christmas Eve and New Year.

Negotiations have been ongoing at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, as parties seek to revive the nuclear deal that was thrown into chaos by America’s 2018 withdrawal under the Trump administration.Iran has repeatedly warned that the only way to return to the nuclear deal is for the US to first withdraw all sanctions that have been imposed since 2018, something America has so far resisted.

While negotiations on the nuclear deal are still in progress, Iran and the IAEA made significant progress in December by agreeing to swap out surveillance cameras in its centrifuge workshop at the TESA-Karaj complex. The cameras allow the agency to monitor Iran’s nuclear activity, ensuring it is in compliance with existing agreements.



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