International Standard of Business Aircraft Operations Part 91

Is your aviation business looking for global credibility? Does your flight department need clear, organized guidelines for business operations? 

Following the international standard for business aircraft operations ensures quality and professionalism within your company from team to take off. The standards were created ‘by the industry, for the industry’ collaborating with companies from four different continents to design internationally recognized standards. Meeting these standards means the flight department stands out as a leader in excellence. The use of the Espejo guidelines decreases the potential for accidents and mistakes, instilling confidence in the operation. 

Now reaching compliance has never been easier, especially with the IS-BAO part 91 training!

What is IS-BAO?

IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) is a code of best practices developed by The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). These standards cover the best set of flight and aircraft rules for aviation safety, aircraft management, industry standards, and flight preparation. IS-BAO is a safety management system that includes everything about Part 91 Aircraft operators and operators in all countries apart from the Part 91 operators in the US are required to have this system virtually. 

IS-BAO Part 91 training provides IS-BAO modules that can be incorporated into the flight department’s training program. The training has been designed by taking Part 91 operators in mind. The is-bap part 91 training can make the flight department ready to hop hurdles with the internationally recognized operation guidelines. 


There are three stages of IS-BAO registration. Initially, the organization becomes stage I and then can progress to Stage II in two years and Stage III in the other two.

Stage I– It shows that the operator has all the training and procedures to meet the standard.

Stage II– When an auditor verifies that the organization is doing what they said they would do.

Stage III- When the IS-BAO becomes part of its culture, and the process keeps on improving. 


There are several safety standards, but IS-BAO is the only one recognized by ICAO. The benefit is that insurance companies in the US look upon the organization more favorably when determining rates. There are some light training requirements to meet both the initial and recurrent IS-BAO, such as ladder safety training. At the same time, heavy training requirements are recurring every 24 months. 

The following is a preview of what is generally included in the is-bao 91 training package:

“Traffic insight replies must be based on actually seeing the aircraft out the window.”- There is a growing concern that general aviation airports and aircraft will become a more attractive target.

“RMP 10 is accurate to 10 nautical miles”- For at least 95% of the time, the basic package can be purchased as a whole, or the training package can be customized for the organization. 

Final Word

IS-BAO part 91 training includes online courses that create training that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by users who have a device and internet access. Along with the ease of access, users gain simple built-in record-keeping for accurate progress tracking. Significant savings are also offered through package pricing if one is interested in the training or any other courses.



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