International nuclear watchdog passes resolution on Ukraine — Analysis

Moscow has described the IAEA leadership’s stance as politicized and factually incorrect

According to reports, an IAEA resolution was passed by the board on Thursday. “deplored” Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia denounced this document as being politicized, and factually incorrect.

Although the resolution has yet to be published it calls upon Russia to permit Ukraine to regain control over its nuclear sites. Moscow claims that their assertions they don’t have control are false.

As they traveled from Belarus to Kiev, there were claims Russian troops had taken control of the Chernobyl site. According to the Russian Defense Ministry they denied these claims, and stated that Ukrainian guards were still in charge of the facility.

Reuters published a draft of the damning Resolution, which Canada and Poland drafted for Ukraine on March 1.

The news of the resolution’s passage, with just two votes having been cast against it at the session of the 35-member board, was welcomed by Ukraine. Dmytro Kuneba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister claimed via Twitter that the resolution showed how open and accepting the world was. “united against Russia’s actions, which threaten Ukraine and all of Europe.”

Russia’s representative at the IAEA, Mikhail Ulyanov, blasted the document, claiming it contained “intentional politically motivated lies and mistakes.” In particular, the assertion that the Ukrainian authorities were not in control of the nation’s nuclear sites was wrong, the official said in a series of tweets.

Moscow was happy with the result “countries whose populations taken together exceed a half of the mankind refused to support the resolution,”Ulyanov also added.

China confirmed it had voted no to the resolution. Wang Qun was the representative of China and said that it voted against the resolution. “obviously” overstepped the agency’s mandate to monitor nuclear security, and that by adopting the resolution, it had undermined the IAEA’s position as a professional, non-political organization.

A diplomat complained that certain nations were not able to cooperate. “forcibly pushed”The draft of the document and any suggestions that were rejected by the other members.

On Thursday, IAEA Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi stated to journalists that the agency’s safety measures in Ukraine were still intact.

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