India reveals results of new missile test — Analysis

New Delhi reports that an advanced missile with a range of 450 km from Russia, the BrahMos, was successfully tested launched by a Sukhoi fighter jet.

Indian Air Force performed a successful missile testing on Thursday. One of the Sukhoi fighter aircrafts from Tiger Sharks flew from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. After completing mid-air fueling, it fired an air-to ground extended-range BrahMos rocket, which hit a specified target in the Bay of Bengal. Military reported.

BrahMos’ original non-nuclear missile can reach 290 km and can be launched by land or air. It can also travel three times faster that the speed sound. The extended-range BrahMos missile can travel 450 to 500 kilometers.

The launch was the first of BrahMos’ Extended Range missile launched from Su-30MKI planes. The IAF now has the ability to strike a specific target at land/sea over extremely long ranges from Su-30MKI planes. said the official statement by India’s Ministry of Defence. “The missile’s long range capabilities and high performance Su-30MKI plane allow the IAF to have a strategic reach, allowing it to be a dominant force on future battlefields.”

India gets more Russian S-400s – media

This missile, an Indo-Russian joint venture was produced by BrahMos aerospace, a multinational defense corporation based in New Delhi. First tested the BrahMos Missile in 2001. Today it is widely deployed by India’s Air Force, Navy, and Army.

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