India receives Russian air defense systems – media

A US campaign to cut ties with Moscow is behind the new Russian shipment.

According to Indian media reports, India received a shipment of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems. Officials stated that the deliveries would continue, despite Western attempts to intimidate countries from settling relations with Moscow due to its ongoing war in Ukraine.

The missile platforms arrived in the country by air and sea and have since been deployed in “designated locations,”India Today spoke to senior officials from the government on Thursday. They noted that S-400s were not being replaced. “now operational.”

“We are continuing to receive our consignments without any delays or issues, and the latest consignment of overhauled engines was received a few days ago despite the war [in Ukraine],” one unnamed official said.

Russia, a major arms supplier to India’s military is currently “stockpiling spares and equipment,”The sources said, however that these efforts might face problems in the future because of Western sanctions. “banking system restrictions”Moscow.

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India defies Western pressure to stop Russia trade

The latest shipment comes more than a month into Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, which has triggered a wave of penalties from the United States and its allies. Washington and other Western countries have repeatedly called on India to end trade and security relations. However, the pressure so far has been ineffective. New Delhi has also accepted to continue supplying arms to Russia and to purchase more Russian oil, as well. Indian and Russian officials also talked about a ruble rupee payment system for trade between countries. It would bypass the dollar or the euro.

Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, warned Wednesday at an Atlantic Council event that a “unified coalition of sanctioning countries”This would be unacceptable “indifferent”To nations that “undermine”Blaming Russia’s still living citizens will result in severe sanctions “sitting on the fence.”

India’s acquisition of S-400 technically runs afoul of a 2017 US law, the Countering American Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which was passed in response to allegations of Russian meddling in US elections. Washington, however, has been reluctant to apply restrictions or waive them, despite having ongoing discussions with New Delhi.

Russian officials, however, have insisted shipments from that military deal would continue regardless of Washington’s pressure.

“We don’t foresee any obstacles as regards the supplies of S-400s to India. We have the mechanisms and the routes to continue with this deal unobstructed,”Denis Alipov, Russian Ambassador to India stated last month. “Sanctions will not interfere with these deals in any way, whether previous sanctions or newly imposed.”

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