Hundreds of migrants left to die in Mexico – media — Analysis

Authorities in Veracruz managed to rescue more than 90 victims of suffocation and narrowly saved their lives.

Around 100 migrants were rescued Wednesday from a sweltering trailer abandoned by a people smuggler in Mexico’s coastal state of Veracruz, Mexican media report.

According to reports, the trailer was used illegally for transporting around 400 migrants (including men, women and children). The trailer was found abandoned near a small Acayucan gas station, just meters from the security checkpoint that inspects trailers.

The migrants who were trapped in the caravan began to feel sick and broke the trailer’s roof. They were aided by the gas station’s employees, local officials told journalists.

El Dictamen reported that most of the migrants fled into nearby mountains, while 93 were saved by authorities. Some migrants were discovered unconscious. 

According to paramedics, they are being treated for their dehydration as well as other conditions that may have been caused by the predicament. Some of them were hospitalized with leg fractures after jumping from the trailer’s roof. 

Border guards punished for ‘whipping’ incident

According to Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry, 89 of the migrants were Guatemalan nationals. They are now being assisted by the country’s consulate in Acayucan.

Veracruz authorities claim there were others from Honduras. El Salvador. Venezuela. India. Immigration agents are currently processing the rescued migrants to establish their legal status.

A trailer filled with suffocated migrants was found by authorities in San Antonio Texas last month. At least 53 were confirmed dead. Later, a Texas man was arrested as the suspected driver of the abandoned trailer.

A recent study by the UN’s International Organization for Migration called the 2,000-mile (3,200km) border between the US and Mexico the “world’s deadliest land migration route.”There were 728 deaths or disappearances of migrants in 2021. This is more than half the number who died there in 2020.

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