Hundreds of Greek doctors stage 24-hour strike to protest compulsory Covid vaccination and staff shortages (VIDEO) — RT World News

Athens was the scene of a protest by hundreds of state-run doctors in Greece. They were outraged at compulsory Covid vaccinations and plans to increase staff shortages.

Around 500 protestors marched past Parliament in Athens to march towards the Health Ministry on Thursday as part of their 24 hour strike. Twitter footage and photos show protestors carrying banners and flags while they walk through Athens.

Medical unions are protesting government plans that would increase the shortage of staff and lead to healthcare professionals being required to work more hours.

Staff in the health system protest shortages and demand to be included on the list of occupations that are eligible for additional hazard pay. “heavy and unhealthy work.”

Unvaccinated healthcare workers against Covid should not be suspended by the unions. It would only worsen the staff shortage. also available
47 people were detained following clashes between police and protestors of vaccine mandates in Athens (VIDEO).

Since September 1, all health professionals working in Greece have been required to either be vaccinated or produce a certificate that proves they are free from the virus. Non-compliance could result in indefinite suspension and no pay. This policy was previously limited to care home workers.

In late August, around 7,500 people gathered on Athens’ Syntagma Square near the parliament to protest the looming vaccine requirement for healthcare professionals in both the private and public sector. The rally became violent and police detained 47 of them.

The authorities claimed the demonstrations were launched by demonstrators “Molotov cocktails, flares, bottles and other objects at the police forces at the scene,”Officers were prompted to use water cannon and use force to deploy. “limited use of tear gas.” also available
WATCH mass protests erupt in Greece after government bans unvaccinated from indoor public spaces & allows teens to receive jab

Covid-related protests are not new to Greece. Tens of thousands protested mandates banning unvaccinated people from public indoor spaces such as bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. Greeks also demonstrated to denounce the government’s plans to vaccinate teenagers against the virus.

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