How to Create Engaging SMS Marketing Messages

Has your business decided to use SMS marketing messages? Are you hoping to get positive results from the campaign, allowing you to use the marketing messages to their fullest intent? Marketing practices and techniques have come a long way in the past couple of decades. While many companies still incorporate traditional forms of marketing, it is the digital tools that are allowing for meaningful engagement and impressive results.

Messages Need to Be Brief and Direct

The first rule when embracing SMS marketing is to keep the messages brief and direct. You will only capture the attention of the recipient for mere seconds, so you need to make those seconds count. Remember, you have 160 characters to use, so you need to make each one count.

Get Creative and Clever

In terms of the wording you use in your SMS message, don’t be afraid to be creative letting your clever side show. Again, you are trying to prompt the recipient to read, so leading with something funny, intriguing, and interesting can certainly grab their attention.

Offer Some Sort of Incentive

One of the best ways to grab the attention of recipients is to offer an incentive. Lead with this incentive and then include the important details that you’re trying to convey. Some examples of incentives can be a discount code, a special promotion, sale, or even a free offer. The incentive should also be clear and concise, and easy to claim/use.

Is There a Call-to-Action?

Another trick of the trade is to ensure you’ve got a call to action within the message. This promotes engagement and will prompt the reader to take the next steps or measures.

Use Successful Campaigns as Examples

While you certainly don’t want to copy what other companies and entities are doing in terms of their SMS marketing, there’s nothing wrong with studying the successful campaigns out there and learning from them.

Tatango, a company that assists businesses with their SMS marketing in the non-profit and political world, understands what it takes to build a successful campaign. Political candidates rely on getting their message across to constituents and receiving donations. Looking at how politicians have used SMS marketing to leverage their campaigns can be quite enlightening and help you to shape the efforts of the business.

Give Recipients a Way to Opt-Out

While the hope is that your SMS marketing campaign is a big success you still need to offer recipients a clear and simple way to opt-out if they choose. Some will not wish to receive any future messages, and businesses need to respect this request. One of the most effective ways for recipients to opt-out is to message back the word “STOP” to let the company know they don’t want any further engagement.

Harnessing the Power of SMS Marketing Messages

Using each of these tips will allow your business to harness the power of SMS marketing messages. The fact is when used correctly, this form of marketing can be wildly effective.

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