How Much CoQ10 Should I Take?

CoQ10 is a popular supplement for many reasons, but once you decide to take it how much should you be taking? CoQ10 dosage can depend on many factors including the form of CoQ10 you choose, who it is for, and your personal medical history. Before you can choose the dose that is best recommended for you, you should know about the background of CoQ10 supplements and how they may differ. Choosing the right dose for yourself or your loved one is very important because the best thing you can do is making sure that it is providing the necessary for your body. 

Who Is CoQ10 For?

CoQ10 is actually made in our cells naturally to facilitate the energy properties in the mitochondria. As you age your CoQ10 levels will continue to decrease and you may begin to see or feel the effects. So, people who are getting older are a great fit for taking CoQ10. There are also somes signs to watch out for that may mean that you would want to consider taking CoQ10. If you are feeling mentally unfocused and forgetful, CoQ10 may be a good option. This may indicate that your brain cells are not producing enough energy and therefore a CoQ10 supplement could help to sharpen your brain. Another sign is that you lack energy throughout the day and get easily tired with activity. CoQ10 is directly involved with making energy in the cells in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), so it can help to improve overall energy and endurance levels. There are many other signs that you should be taking CoQ10 including having headaches, aging skin, a very toxic body from alcohol or medications, or even if you just want a protective antioxidant. Overall, CoQ10 has many health benefits and can be beneficial for many people, especially as you age. 

Forms of CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 has evolved over time to work more effectively in the body and be absorbed more readily for your body to use. The biggest issue in the past was that the CoQ10 molecule was too large and negatively charged to pass through the cell membrane of the mitochondria. It is especially difficult because the mitochondria has a double layer membrane. With much research and innovation MitoQ was developed. To improve the amount of CoQ10 making it into the mitochondria Mitoquinol has altered the structure of the natural CoQ10 to be positively charged and smaller. Keep this increase of absorption in mind as you are looking for the dosage.


As previously stated the dosages for the different forms of CoQ10 are different. In the past with original CoQ10 the dosages have been so high because it wasn’t able to effectively penetrate your cells. It only had a small chance of making it into your cells, therefore you were wasting most of it by eliminating it in your urine or feces. Due to the little absorption of the drug, the doses for traditional CoQ10 are about 500mg- 1200mg daily. The new and improved MitoQ has increased the amount of CoQ10 getting into the cells and therefore you are getting most, if not all, of the supplement into your cell. By taking such a little amount you can feel confident that you are not wasting your money on supplements that can barely give you benefits. The average dose for MitoQ is only 10 mg once per day. There are also other things that can impact dosages such as age, health status, and even your cause for taking it. When in doubt follow the dosages on the bottle, and check with your healthcare provider to ensure the correct dose. 

Medical Advice

It is okay to admit when you are not a professional on medications and supplements, and that is when you should advise your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will be able to give you personalized medical advice based on your background. This is especially advised if you have a complicated medical background or if you are pregnant. They can then help you to decide if the supplement is right for you, and if it is how much to take. Speaking with a health care provider can also help to put your mind at ease to make sure you are doing the right thing. 

CoQ10 dosages are actually relatively simple. Make sure you are following the directions on the bottle or from your health care professional. Make sure that you know the difference between the varying types of CoQ10 and how it can affect dosages. CoQ10 has many health benefits to help you whether it is from the natural signs of aging or a complex disease that can be helped by reducing oxidative stress and free radicals from your body. So, before you begin taking a CoQ10 supplement make sure you are taking the right supplement, in the right form, in the right dose.


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