Highest-ever rise in ‘political crime’ registered in EU state — Analysis

While the majority of crimes were connected to right-wing sympathies and authorities said disaffection with Covid laws also played a part in this group,

Germany recorded a new high in politically motivated crime, reaching an all-time high of 21,000 crimes by 2021. Although the authorities were unable to link significant numbers to any one ideology, the rise in tensions related to the Covid pandemic is believed to have been the driving force.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, there have been 47.303 reports of incidents which could be classified as politically motivated. Over 19,000 of these crimes were attributed to right-wing suspects. Around 9,000 were perpetrated in the name of left-wing ideology.

This data shows that crime rates have increased by approximately 6 percent since 2020. The data was provided to answer a question from Parliament, reported the dpanews agency. Only in 2001 did authorities begin keeping an eye on political-motivated crime.

While the data showed that violent crimes that bore a political motivation had gone down by about 6%, the agency reported that the figures were still preliminary – meaning the final tally could be much higher. Police have not yet been able attribute 17,000 more politically motivated crimes to right- or left-wing causes. 

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Police recorded nearly twice the number of incidents involving violent crime with unclear political motives last year. According to security officials, the police recorded 1,047 incidents of violent crimes with uncertain political motivation last year. This is nearly double the 591 such offenses registered the previous year. “tense social climate”It is possible that the outbreak of coronavirus was a contributing factor. Recent months have seen violence against Covid-19 restrictions and rules.

Data from the federal government’s Periodic Security Report last November showed that Germany has registered more than 20,000 politically motivated crimes annually since the European refugee crisis of 2015, which saw over a million migrants seek asylum in the country.

Over the past year, however, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) – Germany’s domestic intelligence agency – has reportedly turned its attention to social indicators of a general sentiment towards “delegitimization of the state.”This apparent shift of focus is due to the rise in anti-Semitic and conspiracy theories during the pandemic.



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