Here’s How to Support Protesters in Iran

Protests in Iran have escalated following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who was arrested by the morality police for violating the country’s strict dress code last month and died in custody. Protesters are calling for justice and criticizing the current regime with the rallying cry “Women, life and liberty.”

Women and students have been prominent in the demonstrations across the country despite Iran’s internet censorship and violent crackdown on protests by police, resulting in numerous deaths and arrests. You can show your support in many different ways, but these are just a few of the options.


Center for Human Rights in Iran, (CHRI), does valuable work in collaborating with local communities and investigating human rights violations in Iran. This ensures that all cases are reported and shared. The organization provides accurate information and also creates policy briefings to government officials. Here are some ways you can help.

Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights in Iran also documents violations of human rights in Iran. They help victims to share their stories in Farsi as well as English. Support their efforts by clicking here.

You can also donate to United for Iran which makes use of technology to empower Iranians. Human Rights Watch protects the most vulnerable communities around the world, such as refugees and wartime civilians.

Amnesty International, the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization, is also asking for emergency donations to help fund their investigation into the violence happening in Iran.

Sign up for a petition

You can also sign Amnesty International’s ongoing petition, which seeks to tackle the ongoing impunity in Iran. The petitioners demand the establishment of an UN mechanism to investigate Iran and bring them to justice. has another petition that urges leaders in democratic countries to take action. You can sign it by clicking here

Be informed. Use your political power.

There have been demonstrations across America by supporters of the cause, including in New York and Los Angeles. You can join your town or state’s local protest to bring greater attention to the cause. To stay informed about upcoming demonstrations, you can follow social media accounts. Middle East MattersInstagram is devoted to posting information about protests against Iran. If you can’t attend a protest yourself, spreading the message by sharing or sending posts can help spread the word.

U.S. supporter can ask their representatives to voice their support for the Iranian protests. Citizens can contact their representatives through a written email, or by calling their local elected official’s office. You can find out who your elected officials are by visiting and If you reside in the UK, you may also be able to write to your MP by simply entering your postcode.

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