Half of Canadians say Trudeau ‘not up to the job’

A poll shows that although trucker protests are disapproved of by most voters, the majority agree with their PM’s handling of the crisis.

New polls show that Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister has alienated Canadian voters through his handling Freedom Convoy protests.  

A Maru Public Opinion Poll found that only 16% would vote for Trudeau on the basis of his past actions. These include the truck driver protest against the Covid-19 vaccination mandate. The blockades sparked similar movements across other countries. Just 29% said Trudeau had acted “like a prime minister should,”And 48% agreed that he was “not up to the job of being prime minister.”

“The last time I’ve seen numbers even close to this were in the final days of Brian Mulroney,”John Wright, Maru’s executive vice president, spoke to the National Post newspaper. “I think this could cost him his job.”

Trudeau scolded over swastika-waving anti-vax condemnation

Mulroney, who was Canada’s prime minister from 1984 to 1993, set record lows with approval ratings around 12% in late 1992. Trudeau was reelected last September in a snap election. His approval rating, at 42%, was based on polling done by the Angus Reid Institute.

Canadians also blame Trudeau, the truckers and for the current crisis. According to the Maru survey, 44% believe that Canada’s leader is responsible. “inflamed”46% consider the truckers to be guilty, and 46% believe the trucks themselves are responsible for the current crisis “the incitement and escalation.”Respondents surveyed by 53% said the PM was their favorite. “looked weak in the face of threats to the country.” 

And while 56% of Canadians polled showed no sympathy for the Freedom Convoy, public opinion has shifted against Trudeau’s harsh Covid-19 rules. A new Angus Reid pollThe results showed that 54% Canadians favor an immediate halt in all pandemic restriction, which is a sharp contrast to 56% who indicated as recently December that they support another round of lockdowns.

Trudeau was criticised for hiding while protesters were still advancing on Ottawa, the capital. The Prime Minister was moved to an “undisclosed” location, ostensibly, due to the security concerns, and dismissed the overwhelmingly peaceful protesters as having “unacceptable” views. Trudeau has repeatedly stated that the truckers, and their sympathizers, hold extremist views. Trudeau effectively likened them to Nazis. 

WATCH Canadian truckers defy court injunction, maintain border blockade

“People of Ottawa don’t deserve to be harassed in their own neighbourhoods, don’t deserve to be confronted with the inherent violence of a swastika flying on a street corner, or a Confederate flag, or the insults and jeers just because they’re wearing a mask,”He said this Monday. 

Police on Saturday began trying to end a Freedom Convoy blockade of Canada’s busiest border crossing to the US, the Ambassador Bridge from Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit. Protesters had until Saturday evening to break up or be arrested. 

Following an Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s emergency declaration, the move was made. It carries approximately 25% of the trade between Canada and the USA.



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