Hacker is blocked after tweeting evidence of having the personal details of almost EVERY Argentinian via attack on govt database — RT World News

A hacker who allegedly stole the personal information of almost all 45 million citizens in Argentina after hacking into an ID database has been removed from Twitter.

According to reports, the unnamed hacker broke into Argentina’s National Registry of Persons (RENAPER) in September, where they were able to find the personal details of tens of millions of Argentinians, including celebrities such as President Alberto Fernández and football player Lionel Messi.

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The hacker – who claimed to have the data of 45 million people – posted evidence of the stolen information on Twitter this month before being permanently suspended from the platform. On October 10, they also posted the identity documents up for sale in a hacking forum. They boasted of having the private details. “of any person living in Argentina”,Including names, addresses and processing numbers as well as photos.

As proof, the hacker posted a selection of the personal details of President Fernández to the forum.

The Record received a Monday report from the hacker that the hackers were looking at publishing their data “One million to two millions”They also have evidence in Argentina that they breached the registry.

The Ministry of the Interior of Argentina, however, insists that the database is not for sale. “didn’t suffer any data breaches or leaks.”It claimed it detected an “Improperly using a password that was given to a public entity”And to have filed a criminal complaint about the incident, it was concluded by the ministry “An unauthorized intrusion into the system or massive data leakage from the agency were ruled out”After being examined by specialists. is also available
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