Hacked Indian PM Modi’s Twitter account promotes bitcoin scam — Analysis

The personal Twitter handle of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “very briefly compromised,” his office has confirmed, urging the public to “ignore” any unusual recent tweets.

Although it wasn’t clear how the attackers got access to @narendramodi or how long they had been compromised, once an issue was raised with Twitter support the account was closed. “immediately secured,”The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), stated in its own tweet.

Every Tweet that was shared in the short time the account was compromised must be ignored.

One fraudulent tweet, which has since been deleted, allegedly promoted a classic scam to giveaway cryptocurrency.

It claimed, according to several screenshots “India has officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender”She bought many hundreds of coins. “distributing them to all residents of the country.”

Twitter spokeswoman said that an investigation did not reveal any evidence of any additional impacted accounts.

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