‘Great Reset’ architect backs Ukraine — Analysis

Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum condemned Russian military operations in Russia.

Klaus Schwab (chairman of the World Economic Forum) has pledged to support Ukraine and offered his full support. “whatever is possible to help”The country is against Russian “aggression.”

In the statement on Sunday, Schwab – the author of ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ –And WEF President Borge Brende said they “deeply condemn the aggression by Russia against Ukraine” and “the attacks and atrocities.”

“Our full solidarity is with Ukraine’s people and all those who are suffering innocently from this totally unacceptable war,”These were their words.

“We only hope that – in the longer-term – reason will prevail and that the space for bridge-building and reconciliation once more emerges,” they said, joining NATO, the European Commission, the UN chief, and other Western powers in publicly condemning Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

During a February 2020 speech to the World Economic Forum, which took place just a few months before the WEF’s controversial ‘Great Reset’ meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for “western investors”To become “the stakeholders, shareholders of the success of a new Ukraine,”He said Ukraine was “a place where miracles come true.”

Why does this influential, unelected globalist entity really exist?

“Ukraine should become an investment mecca of eastern and central Europe,”He said.

A Great Reset requires the creation “entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems”A reset of capitalism as a response to the Covid-19 epidemic. Critics have accused the plan of being a plot by globalists to strengthen governments and create a new world economic order.

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