Germany’s iconic carmaker faces lawsuit over rape and abuse — Analysis

Brazil could bring Volkswagen under legal investigation for human-rights violations that were allegedly committed in 1970s and 80s.

In the 1970s and 80s, people who had worked on a Brazilian ranch owned by Volkswagen were subject to sexism. “grave and systematic”Prosecutors in Brazil allege abuses.

German media reported this weekend that South American authorities are looking into events at Fazenda Brazil Cristalino, in the Amazon rainforest.

Rafael Garcia was the leading prosecutor of the case. He described on Tuesday the human-rights violations that occurred at the ranch. The ranch had been offered to Volkswagen by the military dictatorship at that time in Brazil for development and purchase.

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Garcia explained to AFP that laborers were lured into the Para farm with promises of high-paying jobs. After being forced to remove the jungle, Garcia stated that Garcia had told AFP that Garcia was a German company’s ranch and that they were paid a fair wage. They were there “systematically, physically abused”He added that the guards were armed.

“Workers who tried to escape were beaten, tied to trees and left there for days,”The prosecutor stated. “Those who tried to slip into the forest never came back – there were simply stories that they had been killed.”

After a priest from the local Catholic Church spoke out about the abuses at the ranch, a three-year-long investigation by the special task force led to the accusations against Volkswagen.

Witnesses told investigators that “Un worker tried to escape but was caught by the gunmen. As punishment, they kidnapped his wife and raped her,” Garcia said.

“Another worker tried to flee and was shot in the leg. Yet another was left bound and naked,”He concluded.

The prosecutor stated that the workers were held in. “debt-slavery”The farm workers were forced to shop at local stores for food and supplies, which was unfairly expensive.

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Due to the lack of appropriate medical care, some victims also died from malaria.

The prosecutors have summoned Volkswagen’s representatives for an initial audience on June 14. They will attempt to come up with a solution during the meeting. If there is no agreement, the German automaker could be charged.

Volkswagen stated earlier that it had taken the allegations into consideration “very seriously,”However, they opted to not comment further “due to possible legal proceedings in Brazil.”

In 2020, $6.4million was already paid by the German firm to compensate Brazil for their assistance in tracking down and capturing left-wing leaders and members of opposition during its military dictatorship from 1964-1985. Many of them were taken into custody and tortured.

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