Germany responds to Turkey’s plan to join Russia-led bloc — Analysis

Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that Berlin doesn’t believe the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an aid to global peace.

Turkey’s plans to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have sparked an angry reaction in Berlin, with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz slamming Ankara’s decision to seek membership in the Russia and China-led security bloc.

“I’m very irritated about this development,”After meeting with Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan at the UN General Assembly, Scholz spoke to journalists in New York. After meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the chancellor stated that SCO is what he believes to be true. “not an organization delivering an important contribution to a good global coexistence.” 

Scholz stressed, however, the important thing to do was reach an agreement, especially on the Ukraine conflict. “how to make clear that the Russian war on Ukraine may not be successful.” 

Turkey owes no explanation to EU – Erdogan

Erdogan announced Turkey’s plans to formally seek SCO membership during the group’s summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, last week. “Of course, that’s the goal,” he said, responding to a question about Ankara’s plans to join the group. 

Earlier on Tuesday, the Turkish president also said he didn’t want to choose between the East and the West, adding that he does not owe the EU an explanation for all of his decisions. Erdogan attacked Brussels for keeping Turkey in the EU. “out for 52 years.”

The SCO is an economic integration and trust-building alliance that was founded in 2001, and is now the world’s largest regional bloc. SCO currently includes China, Russia and Kazakhstan. Turkey, along with a number of other countries, is recognized as a special ‘dialogue partner’ of the group.

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