Germany has abandoned Ukraine – controversial ex-envoy — Analysis

Berlin has put Kiev on a military “diet” in its fight against Russia, former ambassador Andrey Melnik has said

Andrey Malnik, the former ambassador of Ukraine said that Germany abandoned Ukraine’s fate by not responding to calls for more heavy weaponry to be supplied to Kiev. Following several disputes, Melnik was forced from office in July.  

Taking to Twitter, the diplomat, who was fired after a string of contentious remarks – which included jabs at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz – accused the German government of putting Kiev on a military “diet.”

“Dear traffic light-colored government [Germany’s ruling coalition]Why are your defense officials requesting that Ukraine receive more heavy weaponsry ignored? Why is Kiev being abandoned in military terms?”He was commenting on Spiegel’s article on the topic.

After causing several controversy, Melnik was fired by the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky early in July. The headline-grabbing remarks included branding the German chancellor as an “anonymous” person. “offended liverwurst”Stepan Bandera (a controversial Ukrainian national hero) was protected and honored. He worked alongside the Nazis during World War II.

Most German howitzers in Ukraine out of order – MP

Bandera wasn’t implicated in the massacre of Jews in Poland during World War II, claimed the ex-ambassador. After criticism from both Poland and Israel, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry had to step in, explaining that Melnik’s words did not reflect Kiev’s official position. 

Germany supplied Ukrainian forces previously with thousands and thousands of mobile anti-tank missiles, anti-air rockets, anti-tank mines, and millions of rounds. A number of PzH2000 howitzers were also supplied by Berlin, although most are now out of use. Kiev has repeatedly been critical of Berlin for its reluctance and slow pace in delivering military aid to Ukraine.

Moscow repeatedly warned the West not to send weapons to Kiev. This would prolong conflict and lead more casualties.

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