Germany at risk of mass unrest – security official — Analysis

Protests over Covid-19 curbs will feel like ‘a kid’s birthday party’ compared to what’s ahead, a senior security official says

Germany could be facing mass unrest this autumn and protests over the energy crisis could be hijacked by extremists, a regional head of the country’s domestic security agency has said.

Stephan Kramer, the BfV’s head in Thuringia said Germany needs to be prepared for that possibility “legitimate”Demonstrations over economic and energy crises may be a possibility “infiltrated by extremists.”

On Wednesday, he told ZDF radio that protests were possible. “gas shortages, energy problems, supply difficulties, possible recession, unemployment, but also the growing poverty right up to the middle class.”

“Extremists” who could hijack the protests include the so-called “lateral thinkers”Kramer spoke of those who rallied against the coronavirus restrictions in the wake of the pandemic as well as right-wing activists that have been stirring emotions on social media for the last few months.

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If such scenarios materialize, “we’re likely to be confronted with mass protests and riots,”The official warned.

Covid-19, and economic consequences of EU sanctions against Russia for the conflict in Ukraine have resulted in a significant drop in revenues. “we’re dealing with a highly emotionalized, aggressive, future-pessimistic mood in society, whose trust in the state, its institutions and political actors is fraught with massive doubts,”He elaborated.

“This highly emotional and explosive mood could easily escalate,” the security chief said, adding that if this happens the clashes seen by Germany during the pandemic will “probably feel more like a children’s birthday party”Compare.

The official stated that effective crisis management would and cooperative efforts between political forces from all parts of the spectrum are required in order to prevent what he termed “a catastrophe.” “hot autumn.”

He said that the key to preventing unrest and maintaining peace in society is to restore the trust of Germans in authorities.

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Kramer advised them to “think carefully about which protests and demonstrations you join, or better stay away from them altogether, so as not to support the enemies of democracy.”

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