Gay dating app hit with $7mn fine for data breach — Analysis

Grindr, an LGBT+ website for dating, was fined by the Norwegian regulator $7.14million.

Grindr was fined 65 million Norwegian crowns ($7.14 Million) by Norway’s Data Protection Authority. This is a reduction from January’s 100 million crown sentence. 

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DPA stated that they decided to lower the fine to 65million crowns after receiving new information about the company and Grindr making changes. “to remedy the deficiencies in their previous consent-management platform.”

DPA found that LGBT+ dating app failed to adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It disclosed user data without consent to advertisers.

“Our conclusion is that Grindr has disclosed user data to third parties for behavioural advertisement without a legal basis,”Tobias Judin (head of DPA’s International department), made the statement in a release.

According to the DPA, Grindr’s consent for private data use between July 2018 – April 2020 did not permit it to share its data with advertisers.

The Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC), in January 2020 reported that Grindr had shared information such as the IP addresses of users, their GPS locations, ages and genders. 

According to the reports, sharing these data might be an issue of safety for people living in countries that ban homosexuality.



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