Fuel-crisis remarks drive US senator into controversy

Debbie Stabenow’s remarks about the advantages of electric cars have not gone down well amid skyrocketing gas prices

US Senator Debbie Stabenow is facing a flood of criticism on social media after she bragged about the advantages of having an electric car, which means she doesn’t have to think about soaring fuel costs as she travels from Michigan to Washington, DC.

On Tuesday, as the Senate Finance Committee debated rising gas prices, the Democrat disclosed that she has just purchased an electric car and can easily pass all gas stations along her route from her constituency into the capital.

“It didn’t matter how high it was,”Referring to the fuel price, the senator smiled and said so.

She told committee members and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who was also present, that she’s looking forward to a time when people will no longer be dependent on the “whims of the oil companies and international markets.”

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Many social media users pointed out the fact that many people struggle to get fuel for their vehicles, and even more so to buy expensive electric cars.

Representative Mike Kelly said that Stabenow’s remarks demonstrate her party’s detachment from reality. Kelly stressed that his constituents’ average annual income is $54,627.

“Avg. Price of an EV: 60,000 Democrats don’t understand the problems of everyday Americans,”Kelly shared her thoughts on Twitter.

Byron Donalds, Republican Congressman, took to Twitter to remind Stabenow of the $5.171 average Michigan gas price and the hardworking Michiganers. “are not laughing.”

“In a functioning administration, Janet Yellen would be out the door tomorrow. But that’s not what happened at today’s hearing. Instead, Democrats took turns bragging about their $50,000 electric cars,”Tucker Carlson is a Fox News anchor.

Ordinary Americans have been even more categorical in their assessments of the senator’s statement, with some calling her “an out of touch idiot”Ironically, she is also claimed by others. “is mocking us peasants.”

Since several weeks US fuel prices are at new highs. When Russia began its military operations in Ukraine at the beginning of winter, the first spike was seen. Western countries responded by imposing sanctions that put Russia’s global energy supply in danger.



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