French voters could strike a major blow to globalism — Analysis

After Emmanuel Macron picked globalism over his country’s interests for five years, his main rival Marine Le Pen is drawing closer

The French are headed to the polls this Sunday, April 10 for the first of two rounds in the country’s presidential election. No longer about ‘right v left’, the contest pits the establishment globalist straightjacket against true democracy and independence. This could cause political chaos in France and Europe as a whole, posing a serious threat to democratic freedom. “rules-based”Ordre des globalists. Will the French vote seize this opportunity?

There’s a long-standing view that Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally candidacy could never win against an establishment candidate – in this case, incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.

Voters who are interested in Le Pen’s social safety net tend to vote for the extreme left. Meanwhile, voters who want better protection against the ever-growing globalist exploitation of state resources have historically backed the established candidate on the traditional right. This is a person who supports free market and limited government but gives a nod to protectionists while still promising to stop globalization. They have never done so. 

If Le Pen falls out of the race, Macron’s presidency may be on knife edge

Emmanuel Macron, the current French president came to power by being the candidate for “intelligent globalization.” Despite having served under Socialist President Francois Hollande as minister of the economy, industry and digital affairs, the fact of having left that job to prepare for his first presidential run allowed Macron to position himself as a ‘neither right nor left’, non-establishment candidate. His party was formed by the co-ordination of both right-leaning and left-leaning establishment figures, giving the appearance of antiestablishment irregularity. 

Macron even told the Financial Times in April 2020 that globalization “was reaching the end of its cycle, it was undermining democracy.”However, France was fully bonded to every multilateral effort imaginable when the pressure came down and actions took place. 

He had five years to tip the scale by taking positions for the sole benefit of French citizens, instead of blindly following US-led positions against Russia, Iran, China and other traditional American ‘foes’. Macron’s lack of leadership has undermined the ability of French industry to make bilateral decisions in its own best interests while increasing the cost of daily living for the average French citizen. Now, at the end of his term, Macron is stuck trying to convince the French that they’re better off now than before he took office.

Macron had the option of choosing how to handle the Covid crisis. It is not surprising that he once again chose globalism. He increased the number of measures which led to French workers losing their jobs due to Covid-19 jab orders. Macron was advised by global big-box private consult firms during the sanitary crisis, at the cost of billions in public resources. According to a French senator report, Macron supported the Western strategy. And while we don’t know the details of these private consulting contracts or what happened behind closed doors and business confidentiality agreements, we nonetheless can attest to the end result: jab passes tied to digital identification which can be imposed anytime and anywhere at Macron’s whim under a never-ending “state of emergency.” 

Presidential candidate makes ‘Great Replacement’ comment

Global reach firms that employ ex-high-ranking government officials are able to create entire government systems in their favor, at great cost to taxpayers. Imagine for example, a Big Pharma client’s jab tied to a Big Tech client’s digital ID, made mandatory within a globally harmonized taxpayer-funded system.

Macron was the unaccountable facilitator and benefactor of globalization. They firmly attached their hands to the public purse, as though it were an all-you can-eat buffet.

In every crisis the country has been in, Macron failed to provide a clear path for France. And now the French are paying a direct price for it – which would explain why some polls now show Marine Le Pen within striking distance of Macron in the second round of voting on April 24. 

Two trends emerge from looking at polling data, which dates back to March and April. First, the initially weak non-establishment far left (represented by Jean-Luc Melenchon of La France Insoumise) has gained considerable ground at the expense of the establishment left. Secondly, the establishment right’s support has defected significantly to Le Pen from Valerie Pecresse of the Republican Party (who once described herself as a hybrid of former German chancellor Angela Merkel and former US secretary of state and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton). Pecresse has fallen from 44% to 29% in March, and Le Pen to 17% is 17% to 3%, an Ipsos poll shows.

Macron confirms run for second term

It’s telling that both Le Pen and Melenchon share a common desire to yank France out of NATO and to favor greater independence within the EU for its member states. It’s impossible to overstate the impact that a truly independent France would have on these institutions of global governance, and the momentum in these final pre-vote days suggests a shift against the establishment as French citizens start to feel the pinch of its most recent actions in their daily life. 

We’re no longer in the realm of abstract ideological debate but rather confronted with an existential choice between continuing under the same “rules-based order”Globalist elites tout it as a way to continue to reduce their standard of living and incite chaos. Or, they can just get off the masochistic rollercoaster.

Macron was given five years to understand how to reject the systemic problems that plague Western democracies. However, his efforts have failed to address these issues. The French electorate will decide if they are fed up with the routine violation of their best interests by voting in this election.

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