French presidential contender caught flipping off hater — Analysis

Eric Zemmour was a far-right figure, and was hailed as the potential French president. He was seen showing his middle finger to a woman in Marseille. Later, a minister asked the young to stop repeating this sexy gesture.

Zemmour arrived in Marseille Friday to begin his promotional tour. Zemmour was met at the station by protesters who booed and jeered as he left.

On Saturday, a woman approached Zemmour’s car outside city hall and gave him the middle finger. Zemmour quickly replied in kind, rolling down his window. The obscene gesture was caught by an AFP photographer’s camera.

According to AFP, Zemmour told the woman the finger was designed to go “very deep.” His team later told reporters that the woman had duped Zemmour’s security by posing as his supporter and was behaving aggressively.

Oponents leapt to criticize the writer for his gesture. Clement Beaune (French European Affairs minister) told LCI TV Channel that the dispute exposed the nature of the matter. “true face”Zemmour and his “lack of respect, the divisiveness, the hatred and the violence.”

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France is getting more right wing. We should have seen it coming

“This man praises French civilization and identity, presents himself as a man of culture and aspires to lead our country,”Nathalie Loiseau, a French member of European Parliament tweeted. 

Nadia Hai, the urban development minister, urged young people not to emulate Zemmour’s gesture and to fight “uncivilities wherever they come from.” 

A Zemmour friend told AFP that this gesture was fabricated. “instinctive”At his death. “He told us, ‘I was insulted, I was shown the finger so I responded’,”The source was explained. 

Zemmour is well-known for his passionate anti-immigrant and anti Islam rhetoric. He soared to the top of the October polls. A mere 18% of respondents said they were going to vote for Zemmour in the March 10th round of the presidential elections. Zemmour could then face President Emmanuel Macron in round 2. According to French media, he was polling at 13%-15% this month.

Zemmour has been fined numerous times for inciting hatred towards Muslims in the past. He is being held on charges of calling for child migrants. “thieves, killers [and] rapists.” 

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