French hit with new set of Covid measures — Analysis

French officials have unveiled Covid measures that will combat the fifth wave of the virus. They include requiring indoor masks and asking adults for a health booster.

The announcements were made by Olivier Veran, Health Minister. They outline efforts to stop a rise in fatalities and hospitalizations from the virus.

All adults living in France can now get a Covid booster shot starting Saturday. This is required before January 15, to keep their Health Pass valid. The deadline for the third Covid shot is December 15, and over 65s are already being urged to do so. Health passes across the nation are needed to enter indoor venues such as bars, restaurants, and bars. 

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Veran said that the government won’t accept as an alternative the Covid fail a negative Covid test which was taken within 72-hours of entry. The negative Covid must have been completed within 24 hours after entry. 

This week masks will be required for all indoor spaces and at outdoor Christmas markets starting in the festive season. 

Jean-Michel Blanquer Education Minister has said that schools will not be closed in the event of a Covid-related outbreak. He stated instead that students would need to be tested.

France saw an increase in Covid-related cases over the past week, with 32.591 infections reported on Wednesday. Despite 76.9% of France’s population being fully vaccinated against Covid, the country’s incidence rate has reached nearly 200 new infections per 100,000 persons.

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