France threatens UK with lawsuit unless ‘gesture of goodwill’ made — Analysis

France will ask the European Commission to launch legal action against the UK unless Britain agrees to provide “a few dozen” licenses to French fishermen today, Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune said.

Admitting that the UK will not be able to provide all the licenses that France is requesting by Friday’s deadline, set for Britain by the EU, he said that if the British say, tonight, “As a token of our goodwill, we offer a handful of licenses to demonstrate that this dialogue is paying off.,” France will “take that into account”.

France can take steps if the UK maintains its position, and doesn’t change licensing criteria, Beaune said to France Info.

French fishermen block UK access to local ports

We’ll ask the European Commission to announce during the weekend opening of the litigation process with the Brits,” he said.

Beaune underlined that judicial procedure would involve not only “Papers and courts” but also “Europe can take any custom measures.”

France and Britain have been in tension over French fishermen’s claims that the UK was withholding large numbers of licences, violating post-Brexit agreements. London denied the allegations, claiming that not all fishermen provided correct quota data. French fishermen vented their anger by temporarily blocking key ports at several locations on November 26.



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