France limits water usage — Analysis

Due to severe drought conditions, restrictions were imposed in 24 different departments.

A severe drought has prompted 24 out 96 departments of France to impose limits on water usage, the country’s Ministry of Ecological Transition said on Saturday.

According to Le Figaro, these restrictions include simple requests to conserve water in certain areas, to more than half off agricultural withdrawals, and to bans washing cars and watering gardens in other parts.

The rainfall levels in France have fallen to a level well below that of France since September 2021. In fact, the deficit was 25 percent last month. Extremely hot May temperatures, on track to be the hottest ever recorded, exacerbated this situation.

UN issues drought disaster warning

Eight French départements were forced to curb water usage as early as April, in comparison to only three departments during the same time period 2021.

“This year, the drought had started early,” France’s new Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said earlier this week. “We are taking steps to manage the water resource and prevent the situation from being unmanageable this summer.”

Instructions were given to local authorities “to preserve the water resources as much as possible,” Borne said, also calling on “all French people to reduce their water consumption.”

The premier also announced that €400 million would be allocated to support farmers, who may be lacking feed for livestock due to the drought.

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