Four-year-old told to fire gun at officers – police — Analysis

The child’s parent had allegedly been angered over an incorrect order at a McDonald’s drive-through in the US state of Utah

A father told his four-year-old child to fire a gun at officers following a dispute over a McDonald’s order, police in Utah have said. Just as the gun was being fired, it was taken from the child. 

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It happened Monday afternoon at Midvale drive-thru restaurant, which is in suburb Salt Lake City. Sergeant Melody Cutler from Unified Police said the man, who was 21 years old, had started arguing with staff and demanded that his order be correct. He also pointed a gun at their faces. 

The staff corrected the customer’s order and asked him to wait in a waiting room before calling police. The customer was dissatisfied and was forced to leave his car. Agents then saw the child with the gun pointed at them. One officer was able to pull the gun towards them, inflicting minor injuries on his arm.

According to Sgt Cutler, the officer in question shouted “Kid!”, alerting his colleagues not to fire back at the four-year-old. Cutler reported that Cutler had been told by a witness to the incident in which the father instructed the child (who was sitting behind a three-year old sibling) to fire at police officers.

The father remains in custody and Unified Police say the incident is currently an “active investigation.”

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