Four injured in hospital stabbing spree

A knife-wielding man attacked patients and doctors at Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital

Four people sustained injuries as a knife-wielding man attacked patients and doctors at Shanghai’s renowned Ruijin Hospital on Saturday. After arriving on the scene, police reportedly shot the attacker and left him with injuries.

Police have surrounded the area and social media has posted footage showing panicked people running from the building.

Doctors could be seen racing for their lives alongside their patients who were some in wheelchairs, and others on mobile beds.

Another video was a graphic showing a blood trail that was left on the ground inside the hospital.

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FILE PHOTO. Police cordon off one of the sites, Norway. October 14, 2021
Norway: Stabbing leaves three people injured and one critically ill.

One local resident, who refused to disclose her name, was quoted by Reuters as describing the incident as “shocking,” and lamenting: “This is very depressing. Is this the end of our society?

Her check-up was scheduled, but she had to cancel all her appointments.

Local media reports that an assailant took a hostage a group doctors and patients on the seventh floor.

Four victims suffering from stab wounds were treated and are currently stable.

The incident is under investigation by police.

An additional stabbing attack occurred in Jingan, the Chinese capital and financial center on Monday. The attacker knifed multiple people before being taken into custody by police.



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