Former Trump advisor reveals ‘perfect plan’ for January 6 — Analysis

After describing what might have been instead of the Capitol Riot, a former White House official is causing outrage

If Washington DC had been a place of “peace and calm” on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump ally Peter Navarro would have executed a “perfect plan,” one that has some accusing him of trying to thwart the election.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, published on Monday, Navarro said he had “100 congressmen, including some senators” ready to protest the certification of the 2020 presidential election, which Trump continues to claim was rigged in President Joe Biden’s favor, though there has not been any official proof of the widespread fraud he has referred to. 

Legislators and Trump supporters, Sen. Ted Cruz (R.Texas), and Rep. Paul Gosar(R.Arizona). “exactly what was expected of them”You can submit objections on January 6 to Arizona’s certification of the ballots.

Trump requests Supreme Court to stop Jan 6 documents release

“It was a perfect plan. All of it was based on the calm and peace at Capitol Hill. We didn’t even need any protesters, because we had over 100 congressmen committed to it,”He stated. 

According to The Beast, Navarro admitted that his plan didn’t have legal validity, but he wanted to extend the time limit to put pressure on Mike Pence (then Vice President), who oversaw the certification.

This plan has one goal, the “Green Bay Sweep,”was to have televised addresses from congressmen repeatedly calling out election flaws, which led to 24-hour coverage. 

Navarro’s strategy has thrown Trump critics into a collective outrage, with many presenting Navarro’s comments as proof of allegations that the former president helped coordinate what became the Capitol riot. The House Committee is investigating these claims and found that Trump allies were protesting or ignoring many of the subpoenas.

“They’re saying what the January 6 plan was out loud,” pundit Amanda Carpenter tweeted

Keith Olbermann is a former MSNBC host, and a loud Trump critic. similarly claimed Navarro’s statements are further proof “it is no longer a question of their testimony.”

Navarro spoke about the plan previously, saying that it was a strategy he had with former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. 

A significant number of Trump supporters still believe the election last year was fraudulent, according to ongoing polling. According to Tuesday’s University of Massachusetts Amherst survey, one-third of those surveyed believed the election had been fraudulent. That number rises to 71% in Republicans. Similar numbers believe Pence should have used his role to prevent the certification of the election results, with 62% of Republicans saying that Pence should have challenged Biden’s victory, while 37% of respondents overall agreed. 

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