Former president referred for criminal probe — Analysis

Jacob Zuma, a former leader of South Africa and Gwede Matashe, a serving minister could be facing graft accusations

A South African corruption inquiry investigating allegations of graft during Jacob Zuma’s time in power, has referred the former president and incumbent mineral resources minister Gwede Mantashe for criminal investigation.

The inquiry made the recommendation after a three-year investigation into Zuma’s administration, with the latest report focused on allegations of corruption and fraud regarding a privately-owned company, Bosasa.

“The evidence revealed that corruption was Bosasa’s way of doing business,”The inquiry claimed that the company was guilty of possessing a firearm. “bribed politicians, government officials, President Jacob Zuma and others extensively.”

The inquiry alleges that Zuma passed confidential company information regarding criminal investigations into Bosasa to the company, and helped to prevent criminal prosecutions for those who paid bribes. If these allegations are true, Zuma would be found to have violated South African constitutional obligations.

South Africa’s ex-president to return behind bars

Mantashe was also referred to criminal investigation. The inquiry claimed that Bosasa installed security systems in three Mantashe properties at no cost. This was allegedly an attempt to gain favor with the former Secretary General of the African National Congress (ANC). Mantashe acknowledged that security systems were installed, but said nothing inappropriate.

Bosasa has been placed in voluntary liquidation by banks following the allegations of graft.

Zuma denied any wrongdoing, and refused to cooperate in the investigation. He was sentenced to 15 month imprisonment for contempt of court. After being released from medical parole, Zuma was ordered by the High Court to be returned to prison. Zuma is appealing against the return to jail order.

In addition, an inquiry was required into ANC officials that, without charge, arranged elections “war room”Bosasa. The ANC did not respond to our request for an investigation immediately.

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