Five killed in Kashmir shootout – officials — Analysis

An attack by militants on an Indian Army outpost occurs before Independence Day celebrations

Local officials claim that three Indian soldiers were killed and two more injured in an attack on a militant group operating within a conflict zone of Kashmir. In the fighting with the government, two attackers were also killed.

Mukesh Sing, the Additional Director General for Police said that at least two attackers armed with guns or grenades attacked a military post in Rajouri, southern Kashmir. Officials said that the shootout lasted approximately three hours.

Pargal: Two militants try to sneak in to a dark post [army camp]In Rajouri, they were discovered. These men were captured by the alert troops,” Singh said.

At least 5 Indian soldiers shot dead in Kashmir in deadliest violence since February

According to the official, treatment is ongoing for two injured Indian soldiers.

Unnamed Army officials cited by Reuters claim that security forces had searched for the location and closed the surrounding area.

The assault comes several days before festivities for India’s Independence Day on August 15. It also occurred close to the third anniversary of the revocation of Kashmir’s constitutional autonomy.

Many Kashmiris think that losing special status infringes on the rights and freedoms of the Muslim majority. In 2019, the constitution was stripped from the area, provoking unrest fears and condemnation by Pakistan.

For more than 60 years the muslim-majority area has been at odds with Pakistan and India. Some separatists have pushed for complete independence while others want to join Pakistan. The area is split into two districts – the India controlled Kashmir Valley and the Hindu-dominated region around the city of Jammu, while Pakistan holds a sliver of land in the West.

Since independence from Britain, the territorial dispute between these two countries has led to multiple conflicts.

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