‘Fishy’ phenomenon as city hit by ‘animal rain’ — Analysis

Two storms that ravaged the area last week caused hundreds of fish to fall from the sky.

Residents of Texarkana were pelted with “animal rain” last week after two storms blew through the US city on the border between Texas and Arkansas. Locals discovered small fish littering the streets after the storms passed.

The phenomenon may appear unbelievable but the City of Texarkana confirmed that it is real. On Wednesday, the City of Texarkana posted a Facebook update explaining that “animal rain”This happens when water-based small creatures like fish and snakes, crabs, or frogs get into the ground. “swept up”By “waterspouts.”

This is important to note “uncommon”Event “isn’t a joke,”The advisory described waterspouts in this manner “drafts that occur on the surface of the Earth”The animals can be added later. “rained down at the same time”Like the raindrops.

The Texarkana Gazette reports that one person recalled it having been “hailing”And looked “like there was about to be a tornado”Before the fish began to fall. The paper reported that as many as 25 to 30 fish – some six to seven inches long – were scattered across outside a tire store.

The paper also noticed a fishy stench in the air. This was similar to what you might find at a fishing dock, or fish market. Manager of the shop said that the fish were having a bounce off concrete and their heads had been smashed against the wall. “busted open,”It was clear that they were quite high up.

Fish declared ‘un-extinct’ after surprise comeback

Some homeowners said that at first they believed someone was a homeowner. “playing a prank.” After the city’s notice, which asked residents to share their “fishy pics,”Locals shared photos and videos of dead fish from their property on social media.

Others questionedSince Texarkana, we don’t know where the fish might have originated. “landlocked,”However, one meteorologist recommended the “tornadic winds” could have carried them from as far away as Lake Texoma in Oklahoma – about a three-hour drive from the city.

“[The fish]These are picked up and carried away by the wind. They might have been found at Lake Texoma. They could have been from any place. And whatever goes up, must come down,”Gary Chatelain is a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service, Shreveport (Lawrence), told The Texarkana Gazette.

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