First responders ‘fired on’ as Covid protests escalate — Analysis

Following the imposition of a vaccination mandate in the Caribbean island’s territory, protests spread to Martinique. Reports indicate that firefighters and police were also under attack.

On Monday, 17 trade unions on the island of Martinique called for a general strike to show their opposition to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and the imposition of France’s coronavirus health pass. The situation escalated after the strikers were reported to be angry at being not received at the end their first day by Martinique’s governor. 

While there have not been any injuries, fire engines and police were regularly targeted as they attempted to quell blazes that had erupted on the public streets in Fort-de-France. 

Public security spokesman Joël Larcher said officers and fire crews were targeted by gunfire, and several vehicles were set alight during the night’s unrest.

Protesters have blocked all roads to the Caribbean Island and made several demands on the government. These included the end of Covid-19’s mandated vaccination for caregivers and other requests like an increase in wages and a decrease in fuel prices. 

Violence is spreading from Guadeloupe to the nearby area. There, chaos erupted last week after Labor Unions staged walkouts in opposition of Covid-19 restrictions.

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