First black Alabama federal judge pans Biden’s diversity SCOTUS pick — Analysis

President should avoid Ketanji Jackson, ex-US District Court Judge for Alabama

U.W. Clemon was the former chief judge of US District Court, Northern District of Alabama. He demanded that the president ignore Judge Ketanji Jackson. This is a leading choice of Biden’s, who promised to name a black woman judge to the Supreme Court in his place of retiring liberal Justice Stephen Breyer.

Joe Biden is appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court. Which one in particular? No idea

Clemon explained that while there were “Many black female Supreme Court aspirants are exceptionally qualified,” Jackson was not one of them. Jackson was the one who presided over the lawsuit Ross v. Lockheed on behalf of 5500 Black employees at Lockheed Martin, he said. Jackson said that a settlement reached for the workers would have awarded them $22million. Clemon’s firm, which represented the workers, lost the case.

The Biden administration defended Jackson after Clemon advised against hiring her, insisting that it was Jackson’s “Her experience at every level of the justice system and her legal brilliance are testament to her abilities.” that led Biden to appoint the former public defender to the DC Circuit Court. The president was “We are very proud to have made that choice,” according to a deputy press secretary.

Biden has reportedly reduced the options for his SCOTUS choice to four judges. These were all women of color, however he did not name which individuals reached this final round.

In his pro-diversity speech, Senator forgot the first black justice of the SCOTUS

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has urged him to hurry up and name Breyer’s successor lest the Republican Party attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings, as they have with certain other of Biden’s nominees and as the Democrats did in kind with Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Biden stated that he intends to identify his pick before February ends.

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