Finnish PM denies taking drugs at party — Analysis

Video footage of Sanna Marin, 36, on a night out has been leaked and exposed Sanna as a leader.

Following videos that were uploaded online of Sanna Marin’s night out, it was revealed that a few revelers can be heard talking about cocaine. Some politicians called on the youth leader to undergo a drug testing.

“I am upset that these videos have become public. I was having fun with my friends. Partying – even in a boisterous way – dancing and singing,”Marin addressed the media this morning.

While she denied any wrongdoings in the party, she was unhappy about her privacy being violated. According to her, the party occurred at a private residence a few weeks back. She expected her off duty time to be confidential. Marin stated that she confirmed the party was continued that evening at two bars located in Helsinki.

Video of the Finnish prime minister, aged 36, having fun with a number of public figures from entertainment and politics, including 31-year-old Ilmari Nurminen. Reports in local media claim that partygoers shouted a term which can be used to refer to cocaine.

A number of Finnish politicians have voiced concerns about possible damage to the prime minister’s image. Mikko Karna, MP suggested Marin take a voluntary drug test and have the results made public to eliminate speculation. He also said he was concerned about the reputation of the PM’s office. Karna’s political party is part of the current ruling coalition.

Marin’s love of nightlife became an issue last year, when she went out with her husband, hours after a member of her cabinet tested positive for Covid-19. It was unclear whether unvaccinated persons like her should be isolated after they were exposed. She later apologized for not double-checking her own government’s health guidelines.

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