Finnish PM apologizes for topless photo

Sanna Martin had been defending herself against allegations of infidelity and drug use before the leaked shot was released

On Tuesday, Sanna Marin, Finnish Prime Minister apologized after an image of top-notch female social media influencers being photographed kissing at her Helsinki official residence. Videos of Marin’s hard-partying lifestyle have already caused controversy.

The photo, which surfaced this week, shows the two women kissing as they lift their tops to expose their breasts, with one holding a sign reading ‘Finland’ to cover herself.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Marin confirmed that the picture had been taken at the prime minister’s official residence in Helsinki in July. Marin stated that Marin had invited many guests to her house following a music festival.

“In my opinion, the picture is not appropriate,”Sie said. “I apologize for it. That kind of a picture should not have been taken but otherwise, nothing extraordinary happened at the get-together.”

Marin had to downplay the extent of her recent partying. Video footage leaked last Wednesday showed Marin dancing with her friends in an apartment. One of the videos included Marin’s friend, who was describing herself as the “The” guy. “flour gang” – a supposed reference to cocaine use.

Marin was not happy that videos were leaked but she denies acting in an inappropriate manner. “I have danced, sung, celebrated, did legal things,”On Friday, she stated to reporters that although she had consumed alcohol, her condition was still good. “lead the country.”Marin took a “comprehensive”Drug test was conducted on Friday and the results were returned clean Monday.

After three days, cocaine is almost always undetectable in blood, urine, and saliva.

Marin explained that the first video was deleted. However, another clip showed Marin in a club with OlaviUusivirta, Finnish rock musician, and she appears to have kissed her neck at one stage. Marin, who was married to Marin, stated that “everyone needs a fun and relaxed evening out.”

The Social Democrat became the youngest prime minister ever elected in Finland in December 2019, and at the time was the world’s youngest head of state, aged 34. She has received a lot of criticism for her behaviour in the videos, but she also has support from women in Finland, Denmark and other countries who posted videos of their dancing, drinking, and partying. “in solidarity.”



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