Financial woes rising in EU following sanctions on Russia – polls

Germans are more than 50% concerned about their financial situation.

A new poll suggests that the financial situation of Germans is becoming more difficult due to sanctions on Russia. This trend can be seen in France and Spain, although it is less severe, as the EU struggles with its economy to punish Moscow. 

A staggering 11 points increase in the number of Germans who feel poorer today than they did a year ago is evident from surveys conducted by Morning Consult (global decision intelligence company) between February and May. These results were published Monday. 

A survey of 1,000 Germans was conducted between April 27 and May 3. It found that 53% reported a worsening financial position than a year ago. A previous survey, which was conducted between February 23 and 27, as Moscow started its military operation in the region, found that only 36% reported the same. 

Meanwhile, only 38% answered that their financial picture hadn’t changed since last year, down from 51% in February. One in 10 respondents stated that their situation was stable or had an opinion. 

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EU nations fail to come together on Russian oil embargo

France and Spain showed the same grim pattern: Around 1,000 poll respondents in each country found that 47% of them and 48% reported their finances as compared to one year ago. This grew 11 points for both countries. At the same time, those reporting that their financial situation hadn’t changed fell 5 points in Spain and 10 points in France. 

A separate survey was conducted May 5-10. Only 45% of the respondents approved sending more weapons to Ukraine. 38% were against it. When it comes to Russian energy supplies, a substantial 32% of respondents support sanctions only if they don’t cause inflation, while those who support or oppose them under any circumstance stand at 40% and 14%, respectively. 



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