Facebook to hire 10,000 ‘right people’ in EU to realize its vision of ‘metaverse’ — RT World News

Facebook has announced a massive recruitment drive in the EU, with plans to hire 10,000 people in the next five years to help build its ‘metaverse,’ an interconnected virtual world where people would play, work and shop.

“As we begin the journey of bringing the metaverse to life, the need for highly specialized engineers is one of Facebook’s most pressing priorities,”In a Sunday blog post, the US tech giant stated that. This is why the EU is the best place for you to find such highly skilled people. “European talent is world-leading,”It was added.

“Europe is hugely important to Facebook,” the company insisted, saying that it’s going to work with governments within the bloc to “find the right people and the right markets to take this forward.”

Recruitment will be focused on Germany, France and Ireland. The task of those hired is developing Facebook’s “Creative” platform. “a new phase of interconnected virtual experiences using technologies like virtual and augmented reality.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first shared his vision of the ‘metaverse’ in July. The digital environment will enable multiple individuals to communicate in 3D with one another.

Shortly after that, the company unveiled its Horizon Workrooms virtual reality app for colleagues to hold work meetings in VR, describing it as the first step toward the ‘metaverse.’

Facebook isn’t the only major player in the tech market looking to create its version of a metaverse, with similar projects pursued by Microsoft, Roblox, Epic Games and other companies. is also available
Facebook must be ‘reined in’ by strong regulation, Germany’s justice minister says after whistleblower testimony

Facebook highlighted the crucial role of the EU in its blogpost. “shaping the new rules of the internet.” 

As if to soft-talk Brussels, they praised it for its work. “leading the way in helping to embed European values like free expression, privacy, transparency and the rights of individuals into the day-to-day workings of the internet,”It was insistent that they do “shares these values.”

Recent years have seen Facebook come under fire from the EU. Regulators claim it has a monopolistic business model and mishandles the private data of its users – and they are trying hard to make the tech giant abide by the bloc’s legislation. If restrictions are not enforced, the US-based company threatened to withdraw from the EU.

Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower, has been also being urged by the EU legislators to appear in front of the European Parliament on November.

Haugen testified in front of a US Senate subcommittee earlier this month. Haugen used to work as a product manager for the company. She claimed Facebook failed to do enough to combat harmful content and placed profit before the health and well-being it users. Zuckerberg rejected these claims. “false narrative.” is also available
Bringing Facebook to heel: A system-connected ‘whistleblower’ and a ‘for the children’ narrative mask a bid for political control

The Wall Street Journal has recently come up with a series of investigative reports about the platform’s practices, revealing that Facebook allegedly allowed high-profile users to violate the social network’s rules, and arguing that the company had done internal research that found Instagram to be damaging to the metal health of teenage girls.

The latest WSJ piece on Sunday claimed that Facebook’s own engineers doubted the ability of the platform’s artificial intelligence to police harmful content.

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